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New York Festivals reveals 2019 Advisory Board


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New York Festivals International Advertising Awards has unveiled the competition's first ever Advisory Board. This world-class panel of prominent international advertising luminaries helped pilot the competition's recent transformation.
NYF's Advisory Board, formed immediately after the 2018 Executive Jury judging sessions, pulls from a brain trust of creative leaders representing 5 continents. Their sage advice and industry expertise were influential in improving the overall competition and they will provide wise counsel throughout the year.
Says Susan Glass Ruse, executive director, New York Festivals Advertising Awards: "We are beyond grateful that these respected industry leaders have shared their time, experience and expertise. Here at NYF, we hold the work and the individuals who create it in high regard and understand that the caliber of the competition is of utmost importance... we are committed to honoring excellence."
With a robust number of international award shows and a myriad of regional competitions for creatives to choose from, agencies look to competition's like NYF that have a reputation for fair and diverse juries with competition categories reflective of the work produced today.
Says Ted Lim, chief creative officer of Dentsu Singapore: "Like many CEOs, CMOs and CCOs, I feel there are too many award shows. It is important that we enter the award shows that matter, the ones that are relevant to our work, our industry, our clients and our customers. The award has to stand for something. Not glorification, but recognition of relevant, original and impactful work that delivers real and measurable results, a return on investment."
Says Fede Garcia, global executive creative director, Huge: "Award shows like the NYF set the bar for the industry on what true creative looks like and show the kind of work we should aspire to make. Creating work that stands up to that bar is a sure way to know your investment will show the desired returns."
Says Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, chief creative officer for Jung von Matt/SAGA: "It is more important than ever to award creativity- not only because creativity is more needed than ever but because brands and clients need to be motivated to strive for the best work. Awards are important for the industry the clients and the talent."
Says Matt Eastwood, former global chief creative officer for JWT: "I think awards are an important part of the industry. They push us to be better. They help build an individual's, or even an agency's creative reputation. And, ultimately, success at award shows helps an agency recruit the very best creative talent. Creative talent is attracted to an agency with a proven track record of outstanding creativity"
NYF's 61 -year legacy continues to stand for honoring global excellence within the international advertising industry. By critically evaluating the entire competition, including a sweeping analysis of categories, with the guidance of the NYF Advisory Board's highly regarded industry thought leaders and global agency award managers the competition was able to transform. Post-Advisory Board consults resulted in a robust 35% reduction of total categories, additions of exciting new categories and consolidating, ultimately providing a concise and modern category roster reflecting the innovative work produced today and representing the full spectrum of creativity in the industry.
Says Rosie Bardales, chief executive officer and partner, BETC London: "It's been a great experience helping to strengthen and shape the offering of the NYF with such a passionate and effective group of leaders. Striving for a clearer entry process that's inviting to more agencies and for more competitive award results. BOOM."
Adds Spengler- Aherns: "I thought it could be helpful to exchange judging experiences with fellow jurors and the NYF Team... I was very honored to be asked to share my opinions on judging processes and categories."
Says Garcia: "I believe that awards, and especially their categories, not only reflect what's happening in the industry but that they also set course on how the industry will evolve and develop in the years to come."
Says Lim: "I participated in the NYF advisory board because I wanted the award to be meaningful and relevant to the realities of the times."
Says Eastwood:"... a trophy is only as valuable as the award show's reputation. So, an opportunity to assess and evolve the New York Festivals seemed like an extremely important task to be involved with. It's important that the show remains as relevant and modern as possible."
"I grew up in Argentina (pre-internet era) and we didn't have much access to see what the rest of the world was doing. The NYF annuals were one of the few places I could go for inspiration when I started in this business more than 20 years ago. I remember being amazed by the work I found flipping those pages. Now, being a part of the NYF, it's just a dream come true," added Garcia. "Being part of that conversation as a member of the NYF Advertising Awards advisory board it's an incredible honor."
"The Advisory Board's astute contributions and global vision of the industry will allow NYF to be much more responsive to changes within the ever-evolving advertising industry and ultimately provide a competition that continues to showcase brilliant work emanating from around the globe," added Ruse.
New York Festivals Advertising Awards Advisory Board
• Matt Eastwood Former Worldwide CCO, J. Walter Thompson
• Doerte Spengler-Aherns CCO, Jung von Matt/SAGA
• Aricio Fortes Former CCO, DM9DDB
• Swati Bhattacharya  CCO, FCB Ulka
• Mick Blore CCO South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa, McCann Worldgroup
• Robin Fitzgerald CCO, BBDO Atlanta
• Fede Garcia Global ECD, Huge
• Ted Lim CCO, Dentsu Brand Agencies APAC
• John Mescall Global ECD, McCann Worldgroup
• Rosie Bardales CCO and Partner, BETC London
• Taras Wayner CCO, Saatchi & Saatchi NY
• Ronald Ng Former CCO, Digitas
• Jeff Stamp Deputy CCO, Grey Group
• Erh Ray Founder and CEO, BETC/Havas São Paulo 
• Gerrit Zinke Managing Partner/Partner, thjnk Hamburg GmbH
• Mike Byrne Founding Partner and Global CCO, Anomaly
The deadline to enter the 2019 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is December 15, 2018. For more information and to enter the 2019 competition please visit: HERE.
All press inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gayle Mandel: Ph: 1 212 643 4800
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