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Performance Marketing - Does Your Marketing Perform??" on September 6th ... an M2-Marketing event ...


M2 - Marketing and Media Network
M2 Network on Sept 2017

Sept 6th (Wed)
Hard Rock Cafe / 6:00pm ~ 9:00pm

Pre-paid - 250,000 VND / At the door - 400,000 VND

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Performance Marketing
Does Your Marketing Perform??

 Performance marketing is taking over digital media and every ad agency, digital agency and media company in Vietnam is trying to understand what performance marketing is and how they can harness its power.

By definition, Performance Marketing refers to online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers (merchants) and marketing companies (publishers) are paid when a specific action is completed; such as a sale, lead or click. It sounds simple but isn’t, because most advertisers and publishers can’t agree on the metrics of payments and tracking.

Join us for our September M2 – Marketing & Media network event on Performance Marketing. We’ve got four of Vietnam’s top experts in the field who will explain what it is, how leading companies are using performance methods to expand their brands and customer base and drive enhanced return on investment and how your company can harness its power and “perform”.



Konami Saito
Interspace Vietnam

Konami Saito has more than 15 years working experience in online and affiliate marketing. She joined Interspace Co., Ltd in Tokyo, which launched ACCESSTRADE, one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in Asia since 2001.

Konami played an important role in taking ACCESSTRADE to Indonesia and Thailand and then came to Vietnam in 2015 to head up Interspace Vietnam, which operates the ACCESSTRADE platform in Vietnam. She is both the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of the company and devotes herself to promoting affiliate marketing in Vietnam.

Carsten Ley
Head of CX
Lazada Vietnam

Carsten Ley is the Head of Customer Experience (CX) at Lazada Vietnam, the largest e-commerce company in Vietnam and works on maximizing both the both the performance of Lazada’s marketing and the customer experience which leads to repeat customers who generate significant long-term value.

Carsten has had an extensive international management career in business consulting, project leadership, customer experience and change management in Europe, Latin America and South East Asia. He is an accomplished PMI certified project management trainer and an experienced speaker and event hosts for start-up, customer experience and PMI conferences.

He has lived in Vietnam for the last 5 years and has worked for leading companies in the consumer sector in finance and e-commerce to simplify and excel customer services, communication and value propositions.

Long Le
Co-founder and CEO

Le Xuan Long is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PMAX – Performance Marketing Agency. His agency remains focused on its uniqueness in the market by focusing on high-quality performance marketing solution with strong analytical expertise, especially in the field of E-commerce.

Before founding PMAX, he worked for Lazada Vietnam for three years in a variety of roles including, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer – Head of Performance Management; Head of Operations Planning & Performance Management; and Chief Marketing Officer.

Long has a distinguished academic background – he attended MPW college and then Oxford University (United Kingdom), where he earned his bachelor degree in Economics and Management in 2008. After studying at Oxford he worked for as a consultant for McKinsey & Company for 3-1/2 years.

Oliver Woods
Director of Digital & Social Strategy
RED2 Digital

Oliver Woods is an award winning (Agency of the Year, Cannes, Effies, IAB, Kancils) advertising and brand strategy expert with more than 10 years of experience, developing business and leading teams around Asia-Pacific.

Oliver started his career in 2007 becoming one of New Zealand’s first social media consultants and has been based in Southeast-Asia since 2009. He has worked with M&C Saatchi in Kuala Lumpur as a Strategic Planner and then Leo Burnett (Kuala Lumpur) as Social Media Director, before relocating to Ho Chi Minh City in 2016 to become Director of Digital & Social Strategy at Red2 Digital.


Sept 6th
Hard Rock Cafe
(6:00pm - 9:00pm)

Pre-paid @ 250,000 VND
At the door @ 400,000 VND

Register Now






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