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"How AI & VR are Changing Marketing & Media" on October 4th ... an M2-Marketing event ...

M2 - Marketing and Media Network

M2 Network on Oct 2017

Oct 4th (Wed)
Hard Rock Cafe / 6:00pm ~ 9:00pm

Pre-paid - 250,000 VND / At the door - 400,000 VND

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How AI & VR are Changing Marketing & Media





Eun Young Koh
Team lead
Retail Experience Cheil Worldwide (Seoul)

Keynote speaker of VR contents at Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2017

"Virtual Reality - The Next Step to an Ultimate Sensorial Experience"

From extreme rollercoasters to kayaking in Icelandic waterfalls, Virtual Reality experiential solutions have enabled audience to experience the places and activities they could only dream of. Creating synergy with various technical solutions, VR experiences are becoming more real than reality itself. However, once the extremes are conquered, what would be the next step for VR? Thanks to high capacity compression technology, users can stream 3D-rendered virtual world anywhere, any time. In this session, Eun-young Koh will share the insights and visions on next generation VR creative and how VR will impact business and consumer marketing.


Eun Young Koh is an experiential marketer and consumer trend researcher. She started her career at Samsung Electronics as a design strategist and moved to Cheil worldwide as a consumer insight based marketer. She has been leading innovative collaboration projects with designers and artists to position Samsung products within the “Art” and “Lifestyle” context.

Eun Young has been in charge of Samsung Serif TV global marketing since the first launch at the London Design Festival and is now leading Retail Experience Team to develop in-store contents and experiential solutions for Samsung Galaxy.

Eun Young is a keynote speaker and is conducting a VR contents seminar in Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity (Sept) 2017 and will coming to Saigon and will giving a shortened version of this seminar at our M2 event.

Richard Burrage
CEO of Cimigo Market Research / ESOMAR Vietnam

"How AI is Changing Market Research"

Richard Burrage is the Managing Partner of Cimigo, a regional marketing research agency in Asia ( Richard has worked across Asia Pacific consulting across a range of industries and business issues.

Richard travels constantly and loves advising clients on new brand, communications and product development. Richard is a UK national, who has lived in Asia longer than his place of birth. He resides in Saigon, with his Vietnamese wife and three children.

Son Vu
Son Vu
Senior Manager
Microsoft Vietnam

"A Global View of AI & VR and Their Impact on Marketing & Media"

Son Vu has more than 13 years in Information Technology Services and Consulting. He has worked in multiple companies with specialties in Retail/ IT Services for international companies.

Son's main focus in Microsoft is helping Enterprise Customer analyze business requirements and translate these into IT requirements and then create IT solutions that bring greater business value to clients. He has multiple awards in Microsoft including "Best APAC Solution Specialist FY16"; "World Wide Share Fighter Champion FY17" and the "Microsoft Vietnam General Manager Award".


Oct 4th
Hard Rock Cafe
(6:00pm - 9:00pm)

Pre-paid @ 250,000 VND
At the door @ 400,000 VND

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