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AME Awards for the World's Best Advertising & Marketing Effectivenss Announces 2016 Winners

AME Awards Announces 2016 Award Winners; Grabarz & Partner/GGH Lowe Germany Earns AME Grand & Regional Platinum Award/Europe

Regional Platinum Awards go to Leo Burnett Worldwide Australia, IMPACT BBDO Cairo, and BBDO USA.

New York, NY – March 1, 2016: The International AME Awards® for the World’s Best Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness℠ announced the 2016 award-winners.

AME’s Grand Jury evaluated entries submitted from 22 countries worldwide and awarded a total of 1 Grand Award, 4 Regional Platinum Awards, 29 Gold AME Awards, 30 Silver AME Awards, 21 Bronze and 24 Finalist Certificates.

Brands engaged consumers via a robust variety of tactics including cause/public awareness, experiential marketing, technological engagement, branded entertainment, and event and guerilla marketing to boost brand awareness.

Grabarz & Partner/GGH Lowe Germany’s campaign “Nazis Against Nazis - Germany's Most Involuntary Charity Walk” for ZDK Zentrum Demokratische Kultur earned top honors, taking home both the 2016 AME Grand Awards and a AME Regional Platinum Award/Europe. The Grand-winning campaign tricked participants in a pro-neo-Nazi march by turning it into a charity walk to raise attention and money for EXIT-Deutschland, an initiative assisting neo-Nazis who want to leave the extreme right-wing movement. For every meter the neo-Nazis marched, they donated EUR 10 for their own opt-out, giving them the choice to either donate or stop their own march. The campaign also earned 4 Gold AME Awards.

“Through our challenger thinking, we are always striving to deliver an unfair share of attention for our clients. To win the prestigious Grand and Regional Platinum AME Awards for our 'Nazis Against Nazis' campaign is testament to this focus and a huge honour for the MullenLowe Group. The success of this campaign, also demonstrates the strength of the collaboration between GGH MullenLowe and Grabarz & Partner, to get the best out of the idea.”− Philipp Schwartz, Head of Strategy, GGH MullenLowe

Leo Burnett Melbourne was in the spotlight earning the 2016 AME Regional Platinum Award/Asia-Pacific for “#MyFamilyCan” for client SPC. The campaign successfully leveraged a national debate over contaminated imported foods that caused a Hepatitis outbreak in Australia and fueled the nation’s growing concern over the origin of food by creating a packaging platform for SPC, Australia’s largest food processor. The agency dedicated SPC’s iconic advertising real estate to Australian farming families, converting 4 million cans into an educational media space. The results: one million SPC Family Cans were sold in the first month alone—a 17% uplift on the sales target.

“It’s an amazing result and we celebrate our fearless and agile client SPC and their willingness to embrace change. SPC Family Can helped to align people’s values in wanting to support Australian farmers as well as their need for value. Our bold idea was to hero the local farmers on the packaging itself. This act genuinely connected to shoppers at their moment of truth and powerfully conveyed that their choice mattered,” said Ilona Janashvili, director of integrated strategy, Leo Burnett Melbourne. “The Platinum AME is a testimony to a great relationship with SPC, which enabled a powerful idea that garnered the ultimate in effectiveness.”

BBDO New York was center stage, earning the 2016 AME Regional Platinum Award for “Vines in the Real World: Making the Digital Analog” for client Lowe’s Companies. To launch Lowe’s 2 new Manhattan stores, the agency connected with New Yorkers via a store window marketing campaign that allowed them to engage with their new retail neighbor. BBDO created analog versions of popular Lowe’s DIY digital Vines and displayed them in the windows of the Manhattan stores. The campaign’s results include 34.4 million impressions in just three weeks, and increasing engagement by almost 1300%.

“We are excited and honored to be recognized for this campaign. We are continuously looking for new ways to engage with our consumers at every touchpoint. Through this work, we were able to take our success in the digital world and translate it to our terrestrial environment.” −Emily Viola, SVP, Group Planning Director, BBDO New York

Impact BBDO Cairo earned the 2016 AME Regional Platinum Award for “Everyday Hero” for Sting, PepsiCo’s energy drink. Energy drink advertisements are often associated with extreme sports activities. The agency increased brand awareness with a campaign that associated the Sting with the extreme sport of ‘Everyday Egyptian Life’, since Life in Cairo with a population of 9 million can be exhausting with traffic jams, pollution power outages and more. This positioning, in less than a year, grew the Egyptian market of energy drinks by 1400%, and established Sting as the market leader of the category with over 60% market share. “Everyday Hero” also garnered a Gold AME Award.

“A campaign that empowered everyday Egyptians by changing their daily commutes to great achievements. Making this campaign in itself an achievement crowned by our AME wins, what a pleasant surprise.”−Hussam Moro, President and CCO, Impact BBDO Cairo

Technology drove engagement, with entries striking Gold including: Serviceplan Germany’s “Speaking of Images 2015”—the first book where every single photo will be able to literally speak for World Press Photo—earned 2 Gold AME Awards and 2 AME Silver. Serviceplan’s “The Match” earned a single Gold AME Award and a Bronze for client Sky. The campaign invited rival fans to view a sold-out football match on their smartphone. The catch was only one half of the game was visible on phone’s screen. In order to view the entire match, the two rival fans had to work together joining their phones side-by-side to follow the game. Serviceplan Middle East was awarded the Gold AME for “BMW xWalk,” a campaign featuring an interactive art installation/3D optical illusion at the Dubai World Trade Center showcasing the benefits of the BMW xDrive, and bringing to life the idea, "Go smooth on uneven roads."

Branded entertainment campaigns engaged consumers and elevated brands while creating an emotional response. TBWA Kuala Lumpur earned 2 Gold AME Awards for “EVEREADY Book of Play - Brand Rejuvenation through Innovation” for client Energizer Malaysia. The campaign created an emotional connection for the brand through the creation of EVEREADY Book of Play (BOP), an innovative storytelling platform based on the traditional Malaysian art of storytelling called Wayang Kulit (shadow play). The BOP’s die cut pages were brought to life when illuminated with torchlights and batteries, by casting shadows on walls, engaging parents and children transforming a product used only for emergencies to a brand of daily bonding and relevance. ADK TAIWAN also earned 2 AME Gold Awards for their campaign “House of Little Moments,” which revitalized the Uni Noodle brand by transforming the instant noodles into a mood enhancing brand via micro movies, inventive recipes and a brick-and-mortar noodle shop. HEIMAT Werbeagentur GmbH’s Gold AME award-winning campaign “The Hornbach Spring Collection” for client Hornbach honored well-worn work clothes and supplied consumers with a literal badge of honor/clothing label designed for home project enthusiasts.

Event marketing increased brand affinity. Gold-winning work in the spotlight includes Ogilvy Germany’s “Rabbit Race” for client Media Markt, Germany’s largest consumer electronics retail chain. The campaign used celebrity racing rabbits for a live marketing event race that allowed customers who shopped at Media Markt to win a 50% cash-back coupon for the value of their last purchase—but only if the winning bunny’s number matched the number on their receipt.

BBDO New York was in the winner’s circle earning 5 Gold AME Awards for the following campaigns: “Mountain Dew Kickstart Comes Alive” for Mountain Dew Kickstart; “#HORSEwithHarden” and “Fight of the Century” for client Foot Locker; “Cigarettes Out. Health In.” for CVS Health; and “Lowe's #FixInSix: The Quickest Quick Tips” for Lowe’s.

McCann XBC USA was honored for their award-winning work for client MasterCard, earning 2 Gold AME Awards for “#OneMoreDay”, the campaign stood up to an obsessive work culture, encouraging people to take #OneMoreDay and make it priceless with MasterCard.

To view the complete 2016 AME Award Winners Showcase please visit: award-winners . For more information please visit:

All press inquiries should be directed to Gayle Mandel:, Ph: 1 212 643 4800

About the AME Awards for Advertising Marketing Effectiveness: Founded in 1994, the AME Awards honors international work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems. To earn a coveted AME® Award, an entry must exhibit specific marketing goals and objectives accomplished through creative execution and strategic planning. Entries are judged by an international panel of top interactive and multidisciplinary marketers, media planners, strategy directors, social media experts, and creative directors.

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