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The IAA Studio is ready! See you next week in Cannes!











The IAA Studio - Live in Cannes

Daily insights and networking from Cabana Town 

 New Updates Include:


The Great Debate on Programmatic! 

The Annual Cannes Lions Cocktail Reception hosted by the IAA India Chapter. 


Wine Tasting with The Exchange Lab. 

The 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is just around the corner. And so is The IAA Studio - live from Cannes. The International Advertising Association from it's base in Cabana Town, along with it's 2017 Partners offers it's own unique take on the issues and topics that are our focus for What's Coming Next? 


The 2017 IAA Studio will feature keynote speakers and panelists from companies including - Accenture, Bloomberg Media, Carla Michelotti LLC, Choiz, Code and Theory, Comet, Crossmedia, Egg Bank, Financial Times, Flipboard, FP7 McCann Group UAE, GroupM, GMP Group, Hasan & Partners Group, Havas Group, InSkin Media, iX IBM, InterContinental Hotels, Karma Group, Lagardere, Maxpoint, Maxus Global, Monster Energy, Proctor & Gamble, PwC, Reed Smith, Reuters, Sherpa, SI Partners, Smartology, Talon, Talentarc, The Exchange Lab, The Network One, The Stagwell Group, The Telegraph Group, The Vision Network, The Washington Post The Works Sydney and Vero.


Throughout the week our speakers and sessions will offer insights and opinions - so please come along, and drop by to hear what they have to say, as well network in The IAA Studio - beachside near the Palais. IAA members, delegates, our Partners and their guests from around the world can mingle and enjoy refreshments throughout the week! 


Here is the current schedule - but do keep a lookout for updates!




What's Coming Next?


Monday, June 19th 2017 


  • 11:45 - Presumed Innocent. Finding Clarity in Transparency.

        Carla Michelotti, President, Carla Michelotti LLC & Vice President 

        Global Government Affairs, IAA; Emmanuelle Rivet, Cross-Industries 

        Technology Practice Leader, PwC and Doug Wood, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

  • 13:00 - The CHOIZ Lunch (Invitation Only)

         Customized Media Trends with Arkady Graf, President, Choiz. Followed by 

         Evolving The Agency Model. In Conversation with Mark Penn, Managing

         Director and President, The Stagwell Group and Dan Gardner, Co-Founder 

         & Executive Creative Director, Code and Theory. Introduced by Arkday Graf

         President, Choiz

  • 14:30 - The Day After Tomorrow. 

         In Conversation with Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM

  • 15:15 - It's A Wonderful World. The Real Scope of Digital Creativity.

        Exploring how creativity has evolved across all media and content channels.

        Is there enough collaboration with media and creatives? A co-creation future - 

        how are we collaborating to success? How can creativity and innovation 

        make an impact and a difference? Is creativity being shut out of digital? 


        A discussion led by Nick Mawditt, Director of Marketing & Insight, Talon 

        with Steve Doyle, Chief Commercial Editor, InSkin Media; Ryan Cunliffe,

        Head of Creative Sales, Reuters; Mark Bembridge, CEO, Smartology 

        and Andy Tilley, CSO & Creative Partner, Talon 

  • 16:00 - Bienvenue á Cannes Drinks Sponsored by InSkin Media (Invitation Only)
  • 18:00 - IAA and Board of Directors VIP Reception (Invitation Only)

        Felix Tataru, IAA Chairman and World President of the International 

        Advertising Association on the occasion of the annual meeting of the IAA 

        Board of Directors and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

        requests the pleasure of your company at our VIP Reception. 


        Please note, the IAA Board of Directors Cocktail Reception is an invitation 

        only event. If you are interested in receiving an invitation please contact

        Michael Lee, IAA Managing Director at

 The Exchange Lab Presents

 Tuesday, June 20th 2017

  • 11:00 - Programmatic. We've Got It Covered.

      A Fireside Chat with Chris Dobson, CEO, The Exchange Lab and 

      Fabrizio Di Martino, Mobile, Social & Programmatic Manager Europe, 

      InterContinental Hotels Group

  • 11:45 - What's Coming Next?

      In Conversation with Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Proctor & Gamble;

      David Bond, European Media Correspondent, The Financial Times

  • 13:00 - The Future of Digital Advertising Isn't New Tech, It's The People.

      A presentation over lunch with Chris Dobson, CEO, The Exchange Lab

  • 14:30 - Possibilities of Blockchain and How It Will Impact Client Services

       Babs Rangaiah, Executive Partner, Global Marketing iX, IBM

  • 15:30 - The Great Debate: Be It Resolved, Programmatic Is the Future of Media!

      For: Tim Webster, CSO and Co-Founder, The Exchange Lab and John Beasley

      Ex CMO, Monster Energy, CMO Vero. Against: Dan Benedict, Worldwide Chief 

      Client Officer, Maxus and Patrick Muir, Co-Founder and CMO, Egg Bank, 

      Acting CMO, Sherpa. Moderator to be announced. 

  • 17:00 - The Annual Cannes Lions Cocktail Reception hosted by the IAA India Chapter (Invitation Only)

      Please Note, this is an invitation only event. If you are interested in receiving 

      an invitation, please RSVP at

The New Frontiers

Wednesday, June 21st 2017

  • 11:00 - Look Who's Talking? The Changing Faces of Agencies.

     The agency model is changing, new entrants to the market, media agencies

     becoming creative and creative agencies adding new disciplines. Obviously, 

     data is helping to change agencies, but how and why are these trends happening? 


     Simon Samuel, Chief Executive, Talentarc with panelists: Sasan Saeidi

     Managing Director, FP7 McCann Group UAE & Tristin Rice, Partner, SI Partners;

     Ben Bilboul, Group CEO, Karma Group; Joydeep Bhattacharya, Managing 

     Director, Accenture, Interactive Lead, UK and Ireland and Regional Lead,

     Europe, Africa and Latin America

  • 11:45 - Publishers Strike Back! Insights Into the Success That Publishers Are Now Developing to Add More Value to Their Audience. 

     Join InSkin Media as we explore the changing publishing landscape. What are 

     the pitfalls? How are leading publishers taking control of their inventory amid 

     the growth of programmatic trading? How can premium publishers differentiate

     themselves and provide transparency in a world of 'fake news' and automation?

     A discussion led by Hugo Drayton, CEO, InSkin Media with panelists: 

     Julian Daniel, VP International Advertising, Lagardere; Danny Aldred

     Global Trading Director, Financial Times and Robert Bridge, Chief 

     Customer Officer,Telegraph Group

  • 14:30 - Possibilities of Blockchain and How It Will Impact Client Services. 

     Babs Rangaiah, Executive Partner, Global Marketing iX, IBM

  • 15:30 - Eyes Wide Shut. Exploring Data and Integrity.

     If data is the new currency, how is it being collected, how do media and

     agencies use it and how much do they know about it and divulge to their clients? 

     Are brands safe online and can data be trusted? What are we all really learning? 


      A discussion led by Will Nicholson, Managing Director, The Vision Network

      with Paul Maraviglia, General Manager Europe, Maxpoint; Jeff Perkins

      Commercial Director EMEA, Reuters & Laura Milsted, EMEA Client Director B2B 

      & Director of Insight, Financial Times 

  • 16:30 - Wine Tasting with The Exchange Lab.

   Making A Difference

 Thursday, June 22nd 2017

  •  11:00 - True Lies. Looking at Fake News, Trust & the Implications for Advertising.

      Patrick Mellville, Independent Consultant with Gabriella Schwarz, 

      Managing Director, Flipboard; Nick Vale, Worldwide Head of Planning, 

      Maxus Global and Emma Winchurch-Beale, International Sales Director, 

      The Washington Post

  • 15:30 - Independence Day: Why Is There So Much Energy In The Independent Ecosystem - from Creative to Media?

      Julian Boulding, CEO, The Network One with panelists: Martin Albrecht

      Managing Partner, Crossmedia; Adam Donnelley, Head of Strategy,  

      The Works Sydney & Ami Hasan, Chairman, Hasan & Partners Group and 

      Felix Tataru, President GMP Group, IAA Chairman and World President



Click the RSVP button which will enable you to select which session you would like to attend - Do watch your inbox for further updates in the upcoming days!

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Maurice Levy, CEO Publicis Groupe being interviewed by the IAA.

Speaker events inside the IAA Double Cabana.

Jerry Buhlmann, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network sharing insights with the IAA.

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