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ADFEST is delighted to unveil this year’s ‘Fabulous Four’ directors, who will be representing Japan, Malaysia and Australia at the Fabulous Four 2018 short film screening.

Every year, ADFEST invites emerging commercial directors to write a short film inspired by the festival’s theme. This year’s theme is ‘Transform’, and ADFEST received 38 entries from 12 cities across the region, which were judged by the 2018 Film Craft & New Director Jury.   

Congratulations to:

Haruna Kaizuka, Director from AOI Pro. Inc. (Tokyo), whose short film is titled ‘Beautiful Face’
Huixin Law, Assistant Director from Reservoir World Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur), whose short film is titled ‘Bird On A Wire’
Shuhei Murata, Director & Planner from Pyramid Film Quadra Inc. (Tokyo), whose short film is titled ‘Downside Up’
Thuy Vy, DOP & Director from The Directors Group (Melbourne), whose short film is called ‘Still Life’.

Kaizuka, Law, Murata and Vy now have just weeks to cast, direct, shoot and edit their film scripts in time to premiere at ADFEST 2018 on Thursday 22nd March in a session moderated by Timo Mitsuaki Otsuki, Founder and CEO, Connection in Tokyo. Otsuki is Jury President of Film Craft and New Director at ADFEST 2018.

He says: “Fabulous Four is one of my favorite categories to judge. I was intrigued by all four scripts these directors submitted and I’m excited to see how they bring their stories to life.”

Naoya Yamaguchi, Director at Hat Inc. in Tokyo, was a Fabulous Four director at ADFEST 2017. He won both the Commendation & Popular Vote for his film, ‘The Dolls With Attitude’.

“Becoming a Fabulous Four director has definitely led to new opportunities. I’ve been invited to direct more, and made some great new contacts. And it’s made me realize how important it is to make sure to get my work out into the world so that people can see it. The experience of completing this work and enjoying the recognition it has achieved has given me new confidence,” says Yamaguchi.

Don’t miss ‘The Fabulous Four 2018’ on Thursday 22nd March, 11:30am as part of the Craft@ADFEST program. ADFEST 2018 runs from 21-24 March 2018 at the PEACH Royal Cliff Resort, Pattaya, Thailand. Tickets are available via


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