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VietnamMarcom Leading the Charge

VietnamMarcom was born in the context of Vietnam having no schools or specialized training programs on advertising. The national library system, universities and, the marketplace were lacking sufficient information on professional marketing and advertising communication. 


March 2000, Mr. Tran Hoang, the founder of VietnamMarcom, had been selected by the Ministry of Culture and Information as deputy chief of the Vietnam Department of Study and tasked with the responsibility to build the structure to guide advertising and marketing nationally and internationally. Also at this stage VietnamMarcom started to establish the educational resources and programs to advance the professions of advertising and marketing in the Nation of Vietnam. 


Loyal to its mission, VietnamMarcom has cooperated with universities in the country in training marketing, advertising and media staff, inspiring the national internal force and talent to make due contributions to the social and economic development of the country. In the last 10 years, with its constant growth, Marcom has trained more than 8,000 professional staff who are now in positions as brand managers, directors of marketing, sales, adverstising or public relations. 


VietnamMarcom strives to become an educational organization offering specialized training to bring about high-class professionals who will take part in the development, growth of the Vietnamese branding nationwide as well as on the world stage.


Global Best Digital Advertising Award



We all realize that the rapid advancements and global reach of digital technology has changed the advertising industry, by giving it tools to make any idea feasible and to even create ideas that were once beyond the imagination, and that's just it. The technology has spawned new evolutions of thinking, because anything is now possible, ideas no longer need to be limited.  Communication no longer needs to be limited.  An idea, a message can be sent around the globe in an instant !

Now you may want to know what is the Global Best Digital Advertising Awards.  Here are some brief details:

The Global Best Digital Advertising Awards is:

·         an annual awards competition and event produced by Global Best Awards (GBA).  It is designed to honor advertising creative work and production excellence within the realm of digital media worldwide.

·         GBA chose Digital Advertising as the foundation of its award because it represents 21st century innovation not just in advertising, but in all mediums of communications, both in creation and in delivery. There are few digital focused awards in the advertising award industry and even fewer global ones.

·         Creativity and excellence are what advertising competitions are about. Agencies and production companies exist in a highly competitive world. Recognition of their work in awards competitions helps to establish an agency's credibility and value. Winning in a global competition proves world class competence and value.

Festival Date and Venue:

          ●  24-29 April 2011 at Phuket Hilton Arcadia & Spa Hotel, Phuket,


Entry Submission & Fees:
          ●  Entry Submissions will be submitted ONLINE ONLY

          ●  GBA also accepts entries from those who cannot upload online

              and to submit manually.

          ●  Entry Fee is US$150 per entry (for solo/single entry and

             campaign entry)


          ●  47 Categories; please visit our website for further details:


Judging Process

          ●  For the first year, the judging will be done in two stages, an

              elimination round (on-line) that will score entries to determine

              the top 5 finalists in each of the 47 categories. 

          ●  In the second (final) round, 235 finalists will be judged in

              Phuket.  (Judges will need to be there a day or two in advance).

Student Competition

          ●  Students who submit work to the Global Best Digital Advertising Awards,  

             Student Competition will choose one from 3 challenges to create a digital  

             campaign around. Five finalists will be shortlisted from the field of

              applicants and those finalists will be judged in Phuket by the same VIP jury

              that judges the professional entrants. This is a great educational

              opportunity for the finalist student competitors to experience meeting top

              creatives from around the globe and to attend professional level panels

              and forums.

Look forward to your submission and to welcoming you in Phuket.

Yours sincerely,




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