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A 30-second video clip on Vietnam tourism broadcasted on the US CNN channel





 Tourism Marketing Training Program

Marketing Manager roles and portraits
Marketing manager roles and portraits
Creative thinking
Team building
Leadership management
Public speaking
Presentation skill
Strategic Thinking & Marketing Strategy
Service marketing principles
Strategic thinking
Marketing strategy
Market Research in Tourism
Market research in tourism industry
Market profile and market segmentation
Consumer insights
Tourism Product Development
Product concept in tourism industry
Service design and development

Marketing Plan
Marketing plan in action
Group exercise: Marketing plan
Marketing plan in action
Pricing Strategy
Pricing strategy
Group exercise: sales promotion planning
Sales Management
Sales management
Customer Relationship Management
Total quality management in tourism
Personal selling

Distribution Management
Distribution management
Supplier and partnership management
Marketing and selling on internet
Direct marketing
Advertising on internet
Sales Promotion in Tourism
Sales promotion planning
Group exercise: sales promotion planning
Event Management
Event management
Group exercise:Event planning
IMC and brand building
Brand Positioning
Brand identity
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
Public Relation
Public relation planning
Media relationship
Crisis management
Guest speakers
SPA service marketing
Resort marketing
Destination tourism marketing
Hotel marketing
Restaurant marketing
Ecotourism marketing trends
WOM marketing
Vietnam cultural in tourism

 Attractions, Accessibility, Amenities, Ancillary services, Adjustment.


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