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The First-Ever On-Line Ehibition Of Campaigns, Projects, Stories In Social Marketing
Good citizenship has always been and should always be the cornerstone of the Vietnamese society and culture.
To maintain and develop good values, the project network marketing community is formed with the objective:

• Provide an infrastructure platform helps individuals, organizations, companies can connect and share projects, community marketing story to change lives.

• Contributing to building a foundation of education, good citizenship, humanitarian community through the application of science and marketing communications community a vivid reality.

• To start, trigger a new wave of stories, ideas, or beautiful projects, effective, social values ​​of citizens and businesses.

• Enhance and reinforce the social values ​​and cultural Vietnam

• Connect the journey from the heart to chipping in to build social communities on a beautiful Vietnam. Every individual, every group, every volunteer job helping each extended heart sooner or later will meet on a cruise along the vast and endless heart.

  • Education for Development
  • Children Rights
  • Literacy for Everyone
  • Urban Civilization
  • GREEN Marketing
  • Family Violence
  • Poverty Eradication
  • HIV/AIDS & Abortion
  • Traffic Issues
  • Climate Change
  • Exhibition start date: July 11, 2011 to 11 Dec 2011
  • Submission start date: May 18, 2011
  • Submission closing date: June 30, 2011
  • Exhibition scale: on Internet with support the communications of the 18 websites, society Web of the professional organizations.
–        Humanitarian
–        Impactful
–        Educational
–        Sustainable
–        Creative / Innovative
  • The Organizations, Businesses, Advertising Agencies in Vietnam and aboard.
  • Universities
  • Awards of the marketing community:
–        Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Adfest )
–        New York Festival Awards, International Awards Group
–        International Awards Group (IAG)
–        International Advertising Association, IAA - Asia Pacific
  • Freelancers
  • VietnamMarcom.
Exhibition Details Submission Requirements:
  • Advertised brand:
  • Advert title(s):
  • Headline and copy text (in English):
  • Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country
  • Agency website: http://
  • Creative Director:
  • Art Director:
  • Copywriter:
  • Illustrator:
  • Photographer:
  • Additional credits:
  • Published: Month, Year
Please send to VietnamMarcom:
Address       : 8b Nguyen Trung Truc, District 1, HCMC, Viet Nam
Media and supporting Partners:
  • Green magazine, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
  • Marketing Association, HCM City
  • Vietnam Buddhism Culture Magazine
  • ADOI Marketing communications (Malaysia, Singarpore)
  • IAA - Asia Pacific
  • Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (Adfest )


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